What We Do

What is Uphill Into The Wind - Really About?

 Uphill into the Wind's mission is to put more Bodies On Bikes in support of charity cycling and triathlon events!  

Uphill Into the Wind offers the opportunity of a loaner bicycle to individuals who are registered in a qualified 501(c)3 charity ride and cannot afford to purchase a bicycle of their own. A loaner bicycle will be issued to the individual at the start of training through the completion of the assigned event. After you get that finish line photo, the bicycle is returned to us to be loaned to someone else who wants to make a difference.

So, through your efforts of doing an event, many people will have a chance at better medical treatment, assistance with therapy, and a chance to find a cure.

 Now take the challenge! Join an event to help raise money for a worthy cause.

Newton’s 1st law of physics states:

“a body at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by an outside force”.

Uphill Into The Wind strives to be that outside force by putting Bodies On Bikes (BOB) and setting them in motion.

Newton’s law of motion also states:

"that once a body is set in motion it tends to stay in motion".

Uphill Into The Wind feels likewise. Once a person is on a bike, they will continue on the bike for a long, long time.